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Internet Safety Week 2024

Last week, we celebrated Internet Safety Week in St. Attracta’s SNS. This is an event organised to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. This year this theme was “Tech in our World”.

To help us mark this week and raise awareness of internet safety, a facilitator from CyberSafeKids visited each class to explore internet safety and this years’ theme. These were hugely beneficial and informative talks in which our children were informed of possible dangers online but also encouraged to keep safe online, be mindful of passwords and to be conscious of our digital footprint.  

The aim of Cybersafe Ireland and of St. Attracta’s SNS is that we want children to take advantage of all that the digital world has to offer in terms of education and enjoyment, but without putting themselves or others at risk.  

Please see and for tips on how to keep your children safe online.