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Science and Nature

Science & Nature

Our aim for science is that as a subject it will build on children’s natural curiosity and interest in the world around them; that children will be enabled to explore, investigate and experiment in a safe environment; that they will develop a range of skills of long-lasting benefit as part of the process of working scientifically. Children are exposed to many aspects of science & nature in St Attracta’s Senior School. From  stimulating in-class experiments and informative field trips, to visiting scientists and roadshows the pupils experience science & nature in a hands-on, vibrant way.  In recognition of the hard work being done by pupils and teachers alike, the school has received the Discover Primary Science and  Maths award in each of the last eight years. This award is given to schools who: • carry out experiments across the various strands of science • who integrate IT and maths into science • who have scientists/ science roadshows  visit the school to share their expertise  • who visit accredited science & nature centres • who visit other schools where science shows/ displays are being held • who take part in the Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS  

Our 4th Class pupils exploring the biodiversity of the natural habitats in our school grounds with heritage expert Pat Hunt in October 2020.