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Our Patron Saint

St. Attracta, Patroness of our school and parish
St. Attracta was born in Sligo around the year 420 A.D. At the age of 16 she decided to dedicate her life to God and joined St. Patrick’s workers. She soon became the abbess of a convent which she founded beside Lough Gara. Attracta had a special concern and care for those who travelled long journeys. She wanted to found a place where travellers from all over could find warm hospitality. In those days there were no paved road and travelling was difficult. She established a house of hospitality or ‘Bruigheen’ in Killaraght. We know that this house was used for hospitality for over 1000 years. She was a very warm and holy woman.
In 1864 Pope Pius IX reintroduced the special Mass to St. Attracta on her feast day, which is celebrated on 11th— August. The Pope also instructed that a church should be dedicated to St. Attracta. The church at Tourlestrane, now parish church of Kilmacteige, was dedicated to St. Attracta shortly afterwards. —In the parts of the country in which St. Attracta carried out her ministries there survive many strong traditions. There are at least seven wells named after St. Attracta (Tobar Athracht) and they are visited regularly, especially on 11th —August. At Glenavoo, in the parish of Tourlestrane, there is still a substantial pilgrimage to her well on the Sunday nearest her feast.
Our school in Meadowbrook was dedicated to St. Attracta in 1977 and our oratory was dedicated to her in 1981.
St. Attracta, pray for us, a Naomh Athracht, guigh orainn.