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Board of Management

St. Attracta’s Senior School is subject to the authority of the Board of Management which is composed of eight members – two nominees of the patron (the Archbishop), two parents (a mother and a father), the principal teacher and one other teacher, as well as two other nominees from the local community. Teacher and parent representatives are elected by teachers and parents respectively. The Board is the decision-making body and is responsible for the direct governance of the school. It serves for a period of four years, after which members may be re-appointed. All Board members work in a voluntary capacity for the good of the school. The members of the current Board of Management (2023-2027) are as follows:     

Alice O’ FlynnPatron’s Nominee & Chairperson
Brendan DonohuePatron’s Nominee & Treasurer
Sandra WalshCommunity Representative
Sinéad ClairCommunity Representative
Parween ArkawaziParents’ Nominee
Stephen KenealyParents’ Nominee
Peter KennyTeacher Representative
Shane MaguirePrincipal