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School Uniform

Regular Uniform:

Navy trousers for boys

Navy skirt/pinafore/trousers for girls

Navy v-neck jumper/cardigan – available from school

Sky blue shirt/blouse

School tie – available in school

Navy/black/white socks/tights

Black shoes (not black runners)

P.E. / Swimming Days:

School track-suit – available from school

Sky blue polo shirt


School shorts for hot weather (optional) – available from school

The school uniform is the most distinctive way of identifying the pupils in our school and so we ask that children wear the correct uniform at all times and wear it neatly.

We operate a shop for the storage, sale and distribution of uniforms. New school uniforms and tracksuits are sold during the months of May and June. The shop is open daily from 9.00 – 9.30am throughout the year. We encourage all pupils to avail of the opportunity to buy the school tie, school knitwear, tracksuits and shorts with crest through the school as this encourages uniformity of dress.

Advertising logos, t-shirts and football jerseys are not allowed under any circumstances. Children will not be allowed to do PE unless they are suitably dressed. Neat dress is essential and in the interests of hygiene and safety, we ask pupils to tie back long hair and to keep jewellery to a minimum (no dangly ear-rings).