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Grandparents’ Day

On Wednesday 24th January we celebrated Grandparents’ Day in St. Attracta’s S.N.S. This was a wonderful occasion for grandparents and children alike. Each class completed different activities such as projects on their grandparents, cards, art activities and poems to help mark this special day.

As part of our celebration, we had a lovely variety of songs from the Junior and Senior school choirs. These were thoroughly enjoyed by all the grandparents and a huge thanks to Ms. Grealis and to Ms. McCann for co-ordinating this. We also had some beautiful acrostic poems from our 3rd and 4th class children that went down a treat.  

This year we also had a Q & A session with grandparents with questions written by the children themselves. This gave our grandparents a fantastic opportunity to share their childhood memories and experiences with the children. We shared a special prayer for the grandparents who couldn’t be with us on the day and remembered especially the ones who are no longer with us.

A huge thanks to the Parents’ Association for helping out with the tea / coffee. Finally, a sincere thanks to all the grandparents who came to share in our celebration and remind the children how lucky they are to have such wonderful people in their lives to love and support them.