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Green School Flag Raising Ceremony

Wednesday 25th May was a special day for the school as we celebrated the achievement of being awarded our 7th Green Flag for the theme Global Citizenship Energy. The green schools committee joined with many other schools around the country for a virtual awards ceremony organised by An Taisce. This award has been the culmination of two years of hard work on the part of all the students and staff in the school.

Here are some of the activities students have undertaken in the school in relation to this theme

  • Walk on Wednesday
  • Participation in Nationality Survey
  • Participation in Global Awareness Survey
  • Litter Picking / turning off lights around the school
  • Monitoring of energy usage in the school
  • Fundraising money for the Father Peter McVerry Trust
  • Group and individual projects in relation to global citizenship, native trees, robots made from recycled materials and 3d models of famous landmarks around the world.
  • Planting trees
  • Battery collections and many more

The following day, we then raised the green flag with the help of our committee and our 3rd classes. So, if you’re passing the front of the school, make sure you look out for our new green flag. However, just because we have our green flag, it doesn’t mean we can forget about global citizenship energy. We can all still do our bit to turn off the lights, save energy in whatever way we can and be a good example to others. The responsibility is on us to look after this amazing planet that we live on.

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