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Student Council Elections 2022

The results are in!! This year’s Student Council Elections took place on Friday, 11th November.
Like last year, we used proportional representation to elect the pupils and a huge thanks must go to Ms. O’Leary for organising the election and for explaining the process to all the children. The elections are carried out in the same way as local or national elections and in this way, the children are taught about the democratic process.

Thanks to all the students for adding their voice to our school! It’s a very worthwhile venture in which our pupils really do make a difference! Their ideas, opinions and contributions help make our school the wonderful place it is today.

Well done to all students who put their names forward to be elected. They should be very proud of themselves. Congratulations to our newly elected student council members. It is a fantastic achievement for them and we hope they will serve their fellow students well over the coming year. We look forward to working with them to make St. Attracta’s S.N.S the best it can be.

Click here to view this year’s Student Council Representatives.