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Champions in Croke Park!

Posted by Administrator (sadmin) on Oct 22 2015

Our hopes were high as we saw our dedicated team of footballers run onto the pitch at Croke Park and when the game started at 3.20 on a misty Thursday afternoon, we knew this was the team that for four years had set their sights on bringing home the cup. They were determined to play well and winning was the only option!

We watched their skills, their discipline and their sportsmanship. Each time they scored, our voices were raised – supporters galore encouraged them with chants and cheers. It was a fabulous game of football watched by pupils, friends, brothers, sisters, grannies, grandads, aunts, uncles and very proud parents.

The opposing team matched them kick for kick. Several times we drew even, several times we were ahead and with ten minutes to go we were flying! Scoil Phadraig from Drumcondra fought back bravely, but the St. Attracta's lads weren't giving in easily. The school motto Ar aghaidh le chéile was evident as the lads worked together showing off what they had been taught combined with their natural skills.

When the final whistle blew we were two points ahead and the joy of the boys, their families, their schools and their dedicated coaches - Mr. Maguire and Mr. Coughlan – was boundless!
For the first time in 31 years we had gone to Croke Park, we had not only played fabulous football, but we had won the match and we had brought home the cup! We are so proud of the St. Attracta's Senior Football team – you are an inspiration to all! Maith sibh a bhuachaillí! Tá sibh go hiontach!

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