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Our Student Council

The St. Attracta’s Senior School Student Council was established in the academic year 2010/2011. A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Our first election in 2011 coincided with the general election of the same year. This, we felt, was a perfect opportunity to introduce the children to the democratic process in a practical way.

Each September, Student Council elections take place, electing representatives for that academic year. Every class elects one representative and one substitute representative that sits on the Student Council.

The first step in the election process takes place in the classroom one week before polling day. Under the supervision of the classroom teacher, students may put themselves forward as a candidate or they may be nominated by one of their classmates. One week of canvassing follows where students are permitted to display two election posters, one inside or outside their classroom and another in the Halla. Prior to polling day, each candidate is given the opportunity to address his/her class with their personal manifesto.

On election day, polling takes place in the Halla, organised by children from sixth class and supervised by teachers and SNAs. Each class is invited down to the Halla one by one. Each child registers, is given a voting ballot, votes in a polling booth in private and places their vote in a sealed box. The votes are then counted by teachers and SNAs. Results of the election are then announced by the principal.

The Student Council meets three times a year, once in each term. Prior to each meeting, each class puts forward items for the agenda via their representative. Meetings take place in the Curriculum Room. They are chaired by the Student Council representatives from sixth class and supervised by a member of the teaching staff.

The representatives from sixth class then meet with the principal to discuss the proposals and suggestions that arise from the meeting as well as liaising with the Board of Management and Parents’ Association if necessary. The minutes of the meeting are posted on the Student Council Notice Board.

Aims and activities of the Student Council include:

  • Communicating the concerns and ideas of the student body
  • Liaising with principal, parents association and Board of Management on issues of concern to students
  • Co-operating with management and staff on the development of school rules and regulations
  • Having a say in school policies
  • Making suggestions about improving school facilities
  • Getting involved with the community and fund raising

The Student Council noticeboard acts as a source of information for the student body as to the workings and goings-on of the council. It displays

  • Members names, photos and classes
  • Date of next meeting
  • Agenda for next meeting
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Ideas of what the students want the Student Council to do
  • Student Council achievements and ongoing activities
  • Photographs

The decisions of the Student Council are reported back to the student body during assembly time. During weekly assembly the Student Council is also provided with an opportunity to promote fundraising for school and for charities.

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